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A la carte dishes


(THE KITCHEN IS OPEN 12.00 - 15.00)

Today’s special

Except on Fridays and Saturdays, please ask the staff


130, 00 DKK

Lunch plate
4 small, light courses, please ask the staff

175, 00 DKK
Lunch plate
5 small, light courses, please ask the staff

195, 00 DKK
Plate of Danish smørrebrød

3 unspecified open sandwiches

140, 00 DKK
Herring plate

3 sorts of herring with red onions and capers

85, 00 DKK
Pickled herring

Herring pickled in vinegar, water, sugar, pepper and onions

60, 00 DKK
Christiansø herring

Spicy herring fillet served with red onions and soured cream

85, 00 DKK
Smoked salmon
Served with salad and horseradish cream

95, 00 DKK
Fried fillet of plaice
With coarse rye bread, lemon and remoulade


85, 00 DKK
With suprême of chicken, bacon, salad and curry dressing

135, 00 DKK
Beef sandwich

With fillet of beef, salad and red onions boiled with red wine

145, 00 DKK
Hand-made chips
For the above-mentioned dish, served separately


40, 00 DKK
Danish omelette
Sprinkled with diced bacon and tomatoes boiled with cream 


115, 00 DKK
Slices of topside with truffle mayonnaise, sprinkled with grated Parmesan


115, 00 DKK
Hamburg steak 250 g
Together with diced beetroots, onions, pickles, horseradish, capers and egg yolk


125, 00 DKK
Medallions of pork tenderloin
Accompanied with mushrooms à la crème, cucumber salad, bread and butter


125, 00 DKK
Steak and onions
Steak with fried onions, boiled potatoes, cucumber salad and melted butter


185, 00 DKK
3 sorts of cheese according to selection


85, 00 DKK
Over-matured cheese
On coarse rye bread, with dripping, jelly and onions


65, 00 DKK
Brie with pepper

42, 00 DKK
Cheese sandwich

35, 00 DKK





As to allergen ingredients - please ask the staff




(THE KITCHEN IS OPEN 17.30 - 22.00) 





Cold tomato soup with herbs, croutons and langoustine

72, 00 DKK
Potato-leek soup
Sprinkled with chives and bacon


68, 00 DKK
Roasted in garlic butter with tomatoes and almonds 


75, 00 DKK
Roasted scallops

Accompanied with tomato-onion compote

88, 00 DKK
Baked salmon
Covered with spinach and ravigote sauce


85, 00 DKK

Slices of topside with truffle mayonnaise, sprinkled with grated Parmesan

115, 00 DKK


Today’s dish
Except on Fridays and Saturdays, please ask the staff


130, 00 DKK
Fried salmon
Together with lemon cream and crushed potatoes tossed in herbs and butter 


195, 00 DKK
Today’s fish
According to supply of the harbour, please ask the staff


Gråsten chicken breast fried with tomato pesto
Served with mushroom cream and roasted vegetables


195, 00 DKK
Stew of pork tenderloin

With paprika, tomatoes, smoked mini sausages and boiled rice

185, 00 DKK
Pepper steak
Steak of beef, accompanied with Madagascar pepper sauce and hand-made chips


230, 00 DKK

Wiener Schnitzel
Veal steak, served with lemon and anchovy, boiled peas and fried potatoes

225, 00 DKK
Grilled fillet of veal
With pasta and mushroom cream 


215, 00 DKK
Veal tenderloin
Garnished with tarragon sauce and sautéed vegetables 


240, 00 DKK
As to allergen ingredients - please ask the staff


Selection of Danish and French cheeses


85, 00 DKK
Madam Bagger's ice-cream dessert

72, 0 DKK
Fragilité ice-cream roll
Served with raspberry and orange sorbet


72, 00 DKK
Chocolate cake 'Marcel'
Accompanied with berries and vanilla parfait


75, 00 DKK
3 pancakes with vanilla parfait


75, 00 DKK
Assortment of our afters

95, 00 DKK
Sweets for the coffee
3 handmade Kardinal Chocolates 


48, 00 DKK



(Several dishes can be served in half portions for children)

Fish fillet
Served with chips and remoulade


75, 00 DKK
Ribbon pasta
with Bolognese sauce


75, 00 DKK

Madam Bagger